Monday, October 20

Love You Bangaram Full Movie || Rahul, Shravya || With English Subtitles

Akash (Rahul) acts as an assistant manager for an organization. Regardless of being an exceptional chap, he experiences low trust levels. He can't do any work with trust and force. Meenakshi (Sravya), a complete inverse of Akash goes gaga for him and the couple get hitched. Akash is head over heels in affection with Meenakshi and is ever prepared to do anything for her. In any case, he has an inward expect that she may slip out of his life. Meenakshi communicates her will to fill in as she feels exhausted at home and Akash obliges it.At the same time from that point, the suspicion bug hits Akash. He feels that an alternate fellow is a major part of Meenakshi's life. Right on time, Meenakshi's school lover (Madan) goes to the scene. Thus, Akash's suspicion develops stronger as days pass by. Is Meenakshi truly on the wrong track -- Watch it on Big Screens for remaining happenings.


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